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A letter to our patients from Dr Tim Williams

Posted on June 29th, 2021

Dear Patients,
I suspect for some that this will not be a complete surprise as many have known of my multiple roles as a coach, supervisor, appraiser, educator and GP. I have decided to focus more on my coaching, training and education work and have given notice to the Sothall Partnership. I plan to finish work there at the end of August 2021.
I really value the team at Sothall and still want to make my contribution to the NHS and Social Care sectors. Knowing what I am most skilled at and playing to that strength, leads me out of regular GP work.
By training others, I hope to impact the care that many more people receive from their health and social care professionals. With the drive towards personalised care coming from central government, there is a real need for people who know the system well to help others make sense of how these approaches can be used.
I appreciate that for those people where we have connected regularly or significantly over the last, nearly 2-decades, this may be unwelcome news and I will miss the ongoing journey that we have been on to this point.
For those who have known me well, I suspect that this move will not be entirely unexpected, as I have been developing an interest in teaching health coaching approaches to other professionals for some time. There is a need for this type of training more than ever and I am in a good position to do it.
I’m hopeful that I can continue to make my best contribution to the health and social care services and the people they look after, by putting my energy and passion into training others in the system, to provide a more person-centred approach.
As a coach and supervisor, my skills and energy will also be well-used in the support of colleagues locally, who continue to work incredibly hard in the service of their patients and clients.
I joined the practice back in 2002, initially as a salaried doctor and then a partner until a couple of years ago when I stepped down to focus on my education and training work. I have had a wonderful experience as a GP and, although I am not quite ready to hang up my stethoscope, using it will become much less of what I do. There is a lot of me tied up in the community that is Sothall and Beighton and it feels strange to be leaving it behind. At the same time, I will be carrying forward a lot by way of memories that have informed who I am as a doctor and educator.
I have found the staff and partners at Sothall to be incredibly supportive and encouraging over my time here and I have a lot to thank them for. I have also received encouragement from my patients and I have appreciated the faith you have put in me during some of your toughest times in life.
For those with long term conditions, including persistent pain, with whom I have had a particular connection, I hope you now appreciate that you have the most important contribution to make to your ongoing health and well-being. I am confident that the team at Sothall, will continue to offer you the support you need.
I would like to, again, take the opportunity to appreciate your resilience as a community and your encouragement to me personally and hope that you will continue to look after each other in the coming months and years.
Best wishes
We would like to wish Dr Williams all the best and thank him for all the years he’s been with us here at Sothall. He’ll be greatly missed by staff and patients alike.

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