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Posted on March 11th, 2020

Do you suffer from gout attacks?

Adults diagnosed with gout are sought to take part in a research study at Sheffield Hallam University. The study is investigating how consuming tart cherry juice daily for 12 months affects how often gout flares occur and how painful they may be.

Who can take part?
You may be eligible to take part if:
• you have an existing diagnosis of gout
• you have experienced at least one gout flare in the past 12 months
• you do not have impaired kidney function
• you do not regularly consume cherries/cherry products (less than once a week)

What would I be asked to do?
You would be asked to attend the Food and Nutrition Research Laboratory in Sheffield City Centre for 4 visits over a 12 month period. Each visit will last around 1 hour.
You would consume tart cherry juice or a cherry-flavoured drink daily for 12 months.
You will be asked to give blood and urine samples and have your height, weight and blood pressure measured. You will also be asked to keep a daily gout flare diary and complete food diaries and physical activity logs between visits.
Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed. At each visit, you will be given a £6 food voucher to spend in our cafeteria. At the end of the study, an additional payment of £50 will be given for your inconvenience.

How do I take part?
If you believe that you fit our criteria and would like more information, please contact:

Kirstie Lamb Email:

Dr Tony Lynn Email:                                     Tel: 0114 2252065

Professor Margo Barker Email:      Tel: 0114 2253357

This project has been funded by the Cherry Marketing Institute, Michigan US.
Ethics references: Approved by NHS Health Research Authority, Leeds West Research Ethics Committee (IRAS 250387) and Sheffield Hallam University (ER7166682)

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